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Color Concert Classic System Fandeck

Color Concert Classic System Fandeck

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The Classic color palette was designed to fill every consumer’s color need. It ranges from the interior soft, delicate hues and bold accents to exterior earthen colors and everything in between. The Color Concert Classic Fandeck gives the customer the entire Classic palette of 1,008 colors in the palm of the hand. Some of the dramatic accents and top off whites are repeated in a separate section for ease in selecting this important group of colors.

Size: 9.6" x 2" x 1½" (Approx. 280 x 520 x 40 mm)

1,008 Colors: Arranged chromatically, it simplifies color selection. 7 Accent colors with 5 stripes, 144 core pages with 7 stripes, plus 7 additional off-white pages. One sheen page and a front cover poly covered with trap in. Ergonomically designed, deck features rounded corners for improved handling and a more contemporary look.   All pages are numbered – 360 degrees full fan. Names are printed on color with narrow gutters and pastels at edge of strip.

This convenient color tool is also known as a Fandeck, Guide, or Library.


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