About us

Shop4Color is an online store for products produced by the Duha Group. The Duha Group is all about connecting the world with color by providing products and services to all industries including: cosmetics, fashion, industrial, architectural, design and more!

The Shop4Color website is also used as a distribution platform for some of the worlds largest users of color sampling products. We host private ordering channels that are accessible only to specific customers and their distribution network to simplify the delivery and management of color sampling tool inventory.  Get in touch with us to discuss setting up a distribution channel for your color sampling tools today!

Duha Group is working to make the world more colourful with trend forecasting (), color palette creation (), and the production of innovative color tools.

If you wish to purchase MIX Magazine, and to learn more about our services please check out our website at www.colourhive.com.

With a base in Canada but factories in China, Germany, Mexico, and the USA, the Duha Group has a strong global presence.